30 facts about me.

2.I love shopping.
3.I love my bestfriends :*
4.I love to read books.
5.I love listening to music because it’s the only one who is there for me.
6.I am a anglophile person.
7.tExTinG lyk ThIs, turns me off
8.I hate plastic people that’s why I make them my enemies
9.I love Greek mythology
10.I am clumsy
11. No boyfriend/mangliligaw since birth :p (busted pa rin kayo!)
12.I hate boystealers except for my bestfriends
13. I go to ADDU
24.Narnian directioner.
25. I hate directionators in my school
26.I love my family
27.I love to text with him :))
28. I am 5’6 tall.
29. People call me JL :)
30.JL stands for Janella Louise :D

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